Celebrate the winter season with SVS

What do you get when you add Sun Valley Sports, Stuck in Ohio, and Vexum Supply Co. together?

SVS Midnight Madness!!

sun valley sports, extreme sports

Sales. Movies. Give Aways. Food. Drinks.

Sun Valley Sports teamed up with Stuck in Ohio to bring you a night full of products, discounts and entertainment. The event, which takes place Friday from 8-12:30 p.m. will feature special prices on ski and snowboard packages. Stuck in Ohio will be playing its movies throughout the night while handing out stickers and exclusive T-shirts! Vexum Supply Co. will also be premiering its new line of extreme sports apparel!

A little about Vexum Supply Co.

Vexum, previously known as Lumen, is owned and operated by Jacob Roscoe and David Ross. The 15-year-old boys started the company on a whim after a creative study hall. The company, now on its second line, creates T-shirts and sweatshirts with extreme sport enthusiasts in mind.Vexum Supply Co.

Not only are the boys young and innovative, they are charitable. They donate 30% of profits to a different charity every month. This month, in honor of thanksgiving, the boys are donating to the Cleveland Food Bank.

So support the next generation of entrepreneurs and come see the new line premiere Friday during the Midnight Madness event!

A little about Stuck In Ohio


The video production crew, influenced by the extreme sports industry, captures the passion and skill of Ohio extreme sports. Although they do not live in the ideal location for the sports they partake in, their name is not meant negatively, but rather to honor the state they love so much.


The crew films everything from longboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skiing, mountain biking and bmx. You can find them on FacebookTwitterVimeo and Youtube.

A little about Sun Valley Sports

Sun Valley Sports is the largest extreme sports store in Northeast Ohio. Located in Fairlawn, it sells extreme sports gear, clothes and shoes. The shop also participates in the Northeast Ohio extreme sports community.

The shop works with many youth in the area to spread both the stoke for extreme sports and importance of protective gear. It has sponsored many events such as the Akron IGSA Race and most recently the Hawaiian Slide Jam in Indiana.

Sun Valley Sports will also be taking on a large presence at Brandywine and Boston Mills Ski Resorts this winter, so make sure to check them out!

And in case your looking for something to do Saturday..

The Civic Theater is hosting the annual Warren Miller movie at 8 p.m. Saturday.

Warren Miller is best known for his stunning photography and witty narrative humor throughout his ski movies. Although he has since passed, his son carries on the family business with Warren Miller Entertainment.

A little about Flow State

“Flow State throws down some of the most captivating footage that we’ve ever captured – raising the bar on our cinematography and providing an inner perspective of the athletes mental flow state. This year’s film session showcases some of the most inspiring ski & snowboard action in Japan, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Alaska, California, Colorado, and Utah.”

-From the Civic Theater webpage

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3 thoughts on “Celebrate the winter season with SVS

  1. Jacqueline DeMate says:

    I love how you presented this event and the background information of all the companies involved. I don’t even consider myself athletic and reading your blog post just made me want to go to Sun Valley Sports and actually look into learning how to snowboard or skateboard. I had no idea how rich northeast Ohio really is in extreme sports culture. I really like Stuck in Ohio’s take on it. How even though you’re stuck in Ohio that there’s still a lot to do, you just have to find it or create it. I also think it’s cool that Vexum was started by two 15 year olds. You don’t really see that a lot so it’s cool to highlight something positive like that that’s going on in the community. I really like this post, I learned so much about Northeast Ohio’s extreme sports that I had no idea about until now!

  2. CandyBomb says:

    Thank you! I’m glad you were able to get so much out of my post! I definitely recommend stopping into SVS and picking up a new sport! The extreme sports world is a whole community that welcomes anyone with the desire to better themselves!

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