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Vexum Strikes Again


They’re on our radar again.

The snowboard-inspired clothing line, owned and operated by two local 15-year-old shredders, is looking for the next big riders to sponsor.

“With the help of the ‘Shred for Drake’ shirts, Vexum has really taken off, and we think it’s time to build a street team of both snowboarders and skiers,” Jacob Roscoe, Vexum owner said.

To be eligible, teams of four riders (skiers or boarders) should create a short film to be entered by noon on Feb. 3. The films will then be premiered at Sun Valley Sports, 6-9 p.m. Feb.7.

The contestants of the winning video will receive:

  • 425693_539583752738136_678567523_n1 case of Redbull
  • 1 Vexum hoodie/T-shirt per member.
  • $50 Sun Valley bucks

Second place will receive:

  • 1 case of Redbull
  • 1 Vexum T-shirt per member
  • $25 Sun Valley bucks

Third place will receive:

  • 1 case of Redbull
  • 1 Vexum T-shirt for each member
  • $10 Sun Valley bucks

As an added bonus, Vexum will choose one rider from both the first and second place videos to be sponsored by the clothing line.

“We are really excited to see the local talent,” Roscoe said. “We won’t promise anything, but if we are really impressed by the videos, then we may sponsor more than two riders.”

Roscoe said they are looking for originality and solid bangers when choosing winning videos.

The price to enter the video contest is $25 per team. To enter, visit the Vexum blog.

Vexum, previously known as Lumen, is owned and operated by Jacob Roscoe and David Ross. The 15-year-old boys started the company on a whim after a creative study hall. The company, now on its second line, creates T-shirts and sweatshirts with extreme sport enthusiasts in mind.

For more info about Vexum Clothing Supply Co. check out the posts, “Celebrate the Winter Season with SVS” and “Support the Young, Fresh and Charitable.”

60697_3980534917321_2076876992_nSun Valley Sports is the largest extreme sports store in Northeast Ohio. Located in Fairlawn, it sells extreme sports gear, clothes and shoes. The shop also participates in the Northeast Ohio extreme sports community.

For more info about Sun Valley Sports check out the post, “Celebrate the Winter Season with SVS.”

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Young Entrepreneurs Strike Again

This is Delilah.Delilah Pitbull

She is a Pit Bull.

She has no ears.

They were cut off because she was a

Bait Dog

For Dog Fights.

But now,

She lives in New Jersey with

Tommy Gehringer.

14-year-old creator of PitBull Skate Lab.

Gehringer explained that he has always had a passion for helping animals. Combine that with his love of skateboarding and you have  PitBull Skate Lab.

“PitBull Skate Lab is a non-profit skateboarding company that was created for one reason… to help spread the awareness of pit bull abuse and abandonment,” Gehringer said.

He believes that Pit Bulls are the most stereotyped and misunderstood breed of dog. He says that just because they are the most common breed used for fighting, does not mean they are more vicious than any other breed of dog.

He describes the anger he’s felt when walking his dog and another owner turns to walk their dog away from his. That is why awareness of Pit Bulls, as much as contribution to abused Pit Bulls, is his main goal with PitBull Skate Lab.

How PitBull Skate Lab works

Step 1: Visit the PitBull Skate Lab website

Step 2: Choose between

  • 8 skateboard decks, including one that says “F**k Vick” and “Blame the deed, not the breed.” Each deck is $44.99.
  • or a longboard for $64.99
  • or 4 types of grip tape, including psychedelic tie-dye, for $19.99 for 9×33 inches.

Step 3: 100% of PitBull Skate Lab’s proceeds is given to Pit Bull rescue organizations

What is BoardPushers?

BoardPushers is a Colorado company that creates decks and grip tape for organizations such as PitBull Skate Lab. These organizations design the products, but the customers are still essentially buying from BoardPushers, with some of the proceeds going to the organization they bought through.

For example, PitBull Skate Lab:

Gehringer has designed the decks and grip tape, but does not buy them until you place an order. In this way, he does not have to front any money and can give 100% of the proceeds (after BoardPushers has taken out its cut) to Pit Bull rescue organizations.

The Future for PitBull Skate Lab

Gehringer is currently promoting his organization through local skate parks and word-of-mouth. He hopes to raise over $1,000 for a Pit Bull rescue organization.

He is considering creating PitBull Skate Lab T-shirts as well. If he was to create T-shirts, then he would need to use 5% of is proceeds to order them, rather than giving that straight to Pit Bull rescue organizations. Although, T-shirts may in the long run generate more donations because T-shirts are more likely to sell.

You can also find PitBull Skate Lab on Facebook.

*In my initial interview with Gehringer, I failed to ask exactly how much money is leftover after BoardPushers takes out its cut and exactly which Pit Bull rescue organization he gives his profits too. I have emailed him back and will have that information up soon.

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Celebrate the winter season with SVS

What do you get when you add Sun Valley Sports, Stuck in Ohio, and Vexum Supply Co. together?

SVS Midnight Madness!!

sun valley sports, extreme sports

Sales. Movies. Give Aways. Food. Drinks.

Sun Valley Sports teamed up with Stuck in Ohio to bring you a night full of products, discounts and entertainment. The event, which takes place Friday from 8-12:30 p.m. will feature special prices on ski and snowboard packages. Stuck in Ohio will be playing its movies throughout the night while handing out stickers and exclusive T-shirts! Vexum Supply Co. will also be premiering its new line of extreme sports apparel!

A little about Vexum Supply Co.

Vexum, previously known as Lumen, is owned and operated by Jacob Roscoe and David Ross. The 15-year-old boys started the company on a whim after a creative study hall. The company, now on its second line, creates T-shirts and sweatshirts with extreme sport enthusiasts in mind.Vexum Supply Co.

Not only are the boys young and innovative, they are charitable. They donate 30% of profits to a different charity every month. This month, in honor of thanksgiving, the boys are donating to the Cleveland Food Bank.

So support the next generation of entrepreneurs and come see the new line premiere Friday during the Midnight Madness event!

A little about Stuck In Ohio


The video production crew, influenced by the extreme sports industry, captures the passion and skill of Ohio extreme sports. Although they do not live in the ideal location for the sports they partake in, their name is not meant negatively, but rather to honor the state they love so much.


The crew films everything from longboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skiing, mountain biking and bmx. You can find them on FacebookTwitterVimeo and Youtube.

A little about Sun Valley Sports

Sun Valley Sports is the largest extreme sports store in Northeast Ohio. Located in Fairlawn, it sells extreme sports gear, clothes and shoes. The shop also participates in the Northeast Ohio extreme sports community.

The shop works with many youth in the area to spread both the stoke for extreme sports and importance of protective gear. It has sponsored many events such as the Akron IGSA Race and most recently the Hawaiian Slide Jam in Indiana.

Sun Valley Sports will also be taking on a large presence at Brandywine and Boston Mills Ski Resorts this winter, so make sure to check them out!

And in case your looking for something to do Saturday..

The Civic Theater is hosting the annual Warren Miller movie at 8 p.m. Saturday.

Warren Miller is best known for his stunning photography and witty narrative humor throughout his ski movies. Although he has since passed, his son carries on the family business with Warren Miller Entertainment.

A little about Flow State

“Flow State throws down some of the most captivating footage that we’ve ever captured – raising the bar on our cinematography and providing an inner perspective of the athletes mental flow state. This year’s film session showcases some of the most inspiring ski & snowboard action in Japan, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Alaska, California, Colorado, and Utah.”

-From the Civic Theater webpage

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My Brothers Pant

Kudos Airblaster!Airblaster Logo

Airblaster just dropped its new women snowboard pants: My Brothers Pant

My Brothers Pant

The pants essentially are the mens Sissy Pant, but I want them anyways!

How does Airblaster do it?!

Remember the Airblaster and K2 Happy Hour board? It’s essentially just the K2 Happy Hour board with the most simple graphic, but I want it anyways!


I will tell you how: great public relations.

For those of you who don’t know, “public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics,” according to Public Relations Society of America.

In other words, Airblaster is really good at making customers feel good, and in return, we buy its products!


Airblaster told us that in today’s world of snowboarding, wearing the right outerwear is as important as the tricks you can throw in the park. It also said it was challenging that notion with the K2/Airblaster Happy Hour snowboard in order to bring snowboarding back to the snow.

So we all jumped on the band wagon (well I know I sure did) because we were like yeah, that’s right; It has gotten to be about what we wear! So we should buy this new product (where the only thing new about it is how it looks) to tell people that we don’t care how we look!

That make sense to you?

No? Then here’s another example:

Airblaster told us that women’s outerwear is not as cool as the guys. It also said it was challenging that notion with the women’s My Brothers Pant.

So we all jumped on the band wagon (well I know I sure did) because we were like yeah, that’s right; Mens clothing is so much cooler then girls! So we should buy these girls’ pants, which were made to resemble mens’ pants, which were made to resemble girls’ pants.

Now, does that make sense to you?

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself:

She literally says, “Not too many changes, but the branding’s a little different.” Then she continues to talk about how cool the pants are since they are like her brothers’ pants. Except that her brother was trying to wear pants that looked like her pants.


Now here’s the worst part:

I know all this. Airblaster is essentially tapping into our emotions in order to sell us its products. And I DON’T CARE.

I still want those pants. And that board. Please.

Please buy me those pants.

Because I want to wear pants that look like guys’ pants, which were modeled off womens’ pants.

Why? Because I want to be right next to those guys in that park. And Airblaster knows it.

Please buy me that board.

Because I want a board that says I don’t care what my board looks like or what brand I’m riding.

Why? Because I care what my board looks like and what brand I’m riding.

Judge me.

That’s fine. I blame Airblaster and its amazing public relations staff.


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Support the young, fresh and charitable

As is tradition, Boston Mills Ski Resort Open House is this Friday through Sunday. New to the Open House, specifically Sun Valley Sports, is the fresh clothing line: Lumen.

Lumen ModelLumen embodies the rising generation. The owners are young but capable. Their message incorporates generosity and entrepreneurship.

The 15-year-old owners, Jacob Roscoe and David Ross, are donating 30% of every sale to The Cleveland Foodbank. All left-over profits are being put right back into the business in order to continuously create new products.

Ross said the company will be switching charities every few months, so if there is a charity you want to support, Facebook Lumen with the name of the organization, a brief description, and why the extreme sports clothing company should donate 30% of their profits to that organization.

Lumen will also be collecting non-perishable food items for The Cleveland Foodbank, at the Open House, Saturday. For every non-perishable item you donate, you will receive 5% off your Lumen purchase. This offer is available for up to 5 cans. In other words, if you donate 5 cans you will receive 25% off your Lumen order.

Shirts are $14.00 and hoodies are $24.00.

Boston Mills Open House

The Open House, located at Boston Mills Ski Resort, offers the lowest prices for all your winter needs. This includes season passes, kids programs and more. Ski and snowboard goods will also be available at low prices through both the Buckeye Sports Center/Sun Valley Sports tent and the Ski Patrol Swap Shop.

The Open House also includes the premieres of Burton’s 13 (8 p.m.) and Level 1 productions’ Sunny (9:30 p.m.). The movies and popcorn are free. Beer and soda will be for sale during the premiere.

Monster Rail JamSaturday, meet the pros! Tom Wallisch and Nick Geopper will be signing autographs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. followed by the annual Monster Rail Jam! Rail jam registration is from 11 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. at the base of Summit. There is a $10 fee to enter. The rail jam, which begins at 2 p.m., features 2 boxes, 2 handrails, a down-flat-down and a wall ride. Helmets are required and the product toss is at 5.

Sunday is a family day. It includes a corn roast, pumpkin painting, bouncy house and more.

Behind Lumen

While in school one day, the boys stumbled upon the idea of a clothing company.

“Jake came up to me and said ‘hey check this out; I have this cool idea and we could make something out of this.’ He showed me this design, we started talking about it and got really into it. We definitely wanted to move forward with it.” Ross said.

Roscoe and Ross said their immediate goal is getting Lumen’s name out there and showing they can make a good product. They explained, the idea for the logo came from the illuminati. The mystic of the figure drew Roscoe in, and the design grew from there.

Now working from Roscoe’s parents’ garage, Lumen founders put their savings together in order to buy a printing machine and all other needed materials. They collaborate with classmates for ideas and use friends as models.

The first product dropped officially October 7th.

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