Comp spots for Comp heads

Checklist:snowboarder rail jam

[] Do you snowboard or ski?

[] Do you like to win free stuff?

[] Do you like challenging yourself?

[] Do you like to test your skills against other local riders/skiers?

If you marked yes for all of those then your a comp head. It’s like a pot head except you get your rush from doing really cool tricks and impressing your friends, sponsors and the opposite sex.

So fellow comp heads,

With winter fast approaching, you better get on all the resort sites in the surrounding area to find out when the competitions are going to be. Then, you better check every single one of those sites each week because there may be new competitions posted that you don’t want to miss. For those in my area, that includes BmBw, Mad River, Snowtrails, 7Springs, Peak n’ Peak, Boyne and about 30 other resorts.

Or you can checkout

Angie Crum 1st place at USASA nationalsComp Spots is your one stop resource for all your competition details. Owner Brent Ford, calls every resort in the United States in order to gather all your competition info. Not only does he get the current schedules and details, but he asks the resorts to contact him immediately whenever there is a change to that schedule.

“I’ve pieced together every resort in the U.S. and every series for amateurs where you can just walk up, sign up and get in and put all that info on one website,” Ford said.

He continued to explain that his business has never been done before.

“Lots of people cover the pro scene, but so much of the industry is just amateur snowboarding. Just people trying to find competitions and going out and competing for fun.”

In the beginning..Groms

there was Ford in a ski and snowboard business class. He was 20, maybe 21. He had to come up with some business idea for a project, or perhaps it was for a website. Either way it got the wheels turning so that, here, now, two years later, we have

It was January, perhaps February, 2012 that the idea really began to take shape and take on a personality of its own. With the website up and running, and the van pimped out: it is time.

A look inside:

Ford isn’t taking the business too seriously. He’s not doing it for profit or recognition. He simply saw a need and is filling it.

He doesn’t plan on making money, at all, for awhile. He worked all summer doing who-knows-what in order to pimp out the van he will not only be traveling in, but living in this winter.

He plans on starting in the West where the season begins sooner. From there he will travel North, then East until he hits the Midwest. He will stay here for awhile, Wisconsin, Michigan, apparently they have quite the amateur competition scene. Lastly, he will hit up the East Coast before heading back to the West, where he will finish the season.

Although he is looking forward to the adventure, all this traveling has one purpose: promote his business.

He will be sponsoring events, handing out product and talking about in order get his business out there word-of-mouth style.

CompSpots Van

So check it out, and get your comps on.

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Let’s Get Silly

I’m tired of everything being so serious..

So relax, have some laughs and watch this not so serious ski edit from 4bi9 Media.

4Bi9 Media

Thanks Newschoolers for cheering up my day once again!


A little more about 4Bi9:

On their site, Saga Outerwear said “The documented travels of the 4bi9 crew give inspiration that it’s not all about high dollar sponsors trying to bring this industry to the main stream like some sort of franchised extreme sport. It’s about a rooted company of friends, founded on the pure enjoyment of riding and filming while cutting out the mainstream popularity contest.”

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My Brothers Pant

Kudos Airblaster!Airblaster Logo

Airblaster just dropped its new women snowboard pants: My Brothers Pant

My Brothers Pant

The pants essentially are the mens Sissy Pant, but I want them anyways!

How does Airblaster do it?!

Remember the Airblaster and K2 Happy Hour board? It’s essentially just the K2 Happy Hour board with the most simple graphic, but I want it anyways!


I will tell you how: great public relations.

For those of you who don’t know, “public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics,” according to Public Relations Society of America.

In other words, Airblaster is really good at making customers feel good, and in return, we buy its products!


Airblaster told us that in today’s world of snowboarding, wearing the right outerwear is as important as the tricks you can throw in the park. It also said it was challenging that notion with the K2/Airblaster Happy Hour snowboard in order to bring snowboarding back to the snow.

So we all jumped on the band wagon (well I know I sure did) because we were like yeah, that’s right; It has gotten to be about what we wear! So we should buy this new product (where the only thing new about it is how it looks) to tell people that we don’t care how we look!

That make sense to you?

No? Then here’s another example:

Airblaster told us that women’s outerwear is not as cool as the guys. It also said it was challenging that notion with the women’s My Brothers Pant.

So we all jumped on the band wagon (well I know I sure did) because we were like yeah, that’s right; Mens clothing is so much cooler then girls! So we should buy these girls’ pants, which were made to resemble mens’ pants, which were made to resemble girls’ pants.

Now, does that make sense to you?

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself:

She literally says, “Not too many changes, but the branding’s a little different.” Then she continues to talk about how cool the pants are since they are like her brothers’ pants. Except that her brother was trying to wear pants that looked like her pants.


Now here’s the worst part:

I know all this. Airblaster is essentially tapping into our emotions in order to sell us its products. And I DON’T CARE.

I still want those pants. And that board. Please.

Please buy me those pants.

Because I want to wear pants that look like guys’ pants, which were modeled off womens’ pants.

Why? Because I want to be right next to those guys in that park. And Airblaster knows it.

Please buy me that board.

Because I want a board that says I don’t care what my board looks like or what brand I’m riding.

Why? Because I care what my board looks like and what brand I’m riding.

Judge me.

That’s fine. I blame Airblaster and its amazing public relations staff.


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Good Vibes and Fun Times at BmBw

I had a great time at the BmBw open house this past weekend! They really stepped it up by bringing in pro skiers, movie premieres and an revamped rail jam!

Check out my write up on the Rail Jam and a rad video by Brent Veverka:

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Support the young, fresh and charitable

As is tradition, Boston Mills Ski Resort Open House is this Friday through Sunday. New to the Open House, specifically Sun Valley Sports, is the fresh clothing line: Lumen.

Lumen ModelLumen embodies the rising generation. The owners are young but capable. Their message incorporates generosity and entrepreneurship.

The 15-year-old owners, Jacob Roscoe and David Ross, are donating 30% of every sale to The Cleveland Foodbank. All left-over profits are being put right back into the business in order to continuously create new products.

Ross said the company will be switching charities every few months, so if there is a charity you want to support, Facebook Lumen with the name of the organization, a brief description, and why the extreme sports clothing company should donate 30% of their profits to that organization.

Lumen will also be collecting non-perishable food items for The Cleveland Foodbank, at the Open House, Saturday. For every non-perishable item you donate, you will receive 5% off your Lumen purchase. This offer is available for up to 5 cans. In other words, if you donate 5 cans you will receive 25% off your Lumen order.

Shirts are $14.00 and hoodies are $24.00.

Boston Mills Open House

The Open House, located at Boston Mills Ski Resort, offers the lowest prices for all your winter needs. This includes season passes, kids programs and more. Ski and snowboard goods will also be available at low prices through both the Buckeye Sports Center/Sun Valley Sports tent and the Ski Patrol Swap Shop.

The Open House also includes the premieres of Burton’s 13 (8 p.m.) and Level 1 productions’ Sunny (9:30 p.m.). The movies and popcorn are free. Beer and soda will be for sale during the premiere.

Monster Rail JamSaturday, meet the pros! Tom Wallisch and Nick Geopper will be signing autographs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. followed by the annual Monster Rail Jam! Rail jam registration is from 11 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. at the base of Summit. There is a $10 fee to enter. The rail jam, which begins at 2 p.m., features 2 boxes, 2 handrails, a down-flat-down and a wall ride. Helmets are required and the product toss is at 5.

Sunday is a family day. It includes a corn roast, pumpkin painting, bouncy house and more.

Behind Lumen

While in school one day, the boys stumbled upon the idea of a clothing company.

“Jake came up to me and said ‘hey check this out; I have this cool idea and we could make something out of this.’ He showed me this design, we started talking about it and got really into it. We definitely wanted to move forward with it.” Ross said.

Roscoe and Ross said their immediate goal is getting Lumen’s name out there and showing they can make a good product. They explained, the idea for the logo came from the illuminati. The mystic of the figure drew Roscoe in, and the design grew from there.

Now working from Roscoe’s parents’ garage, Lumen founders put their savings together in order to buy a printing machine and all other needed materials. They collaborate with classmates for ideas and use friends as models.

The first product dropped officially October 7th.

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