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Young Entrepreneurs Strike Again

This is Delilah.Delilah Pitbull

She is a Pit Bull.

She has no ears.

They were cut off because she was a

Bait Dog

For Dog Fights.

But now,

She lives in New Jersey with

Tommy Gehringer.

14-year-old creator of PitBull Skate Lab.

Gehringer explained that he has always had a passion for helping animals. Combine that with his love of skateboarding and you have  PitBull Skate Lab.

“PitBull Skate Lab is a non-profit skateboarding company that was created for one reason… to help spread the awareness of pit bull abuse and abandonment,” Gehringer said.

He believes that Pit Bulls are the most stereotyped and misunderstood breed of dog. He says that just because they are the most common breed used for fighting, does not mean they are more vicious than any other breed of dog.

He describes the anger he’s felt when walking his dog and another owner turns to walk their dog away from his. That is why awareness of Pit Bulls, as much as contribution to abused Pit Bulls, is his main goal with PitBull Skate Lab.

How PitBull Skate Lab works

Step 1: Visit the PitBull Skate Lab website

Step 2: Choose between

  • 8 skateboard decks, including one that says “F**k Vick” and “Blame the deed, not the breed.” Each deck is $44.99.
  • or a longboard for $64.99
  • or 4 types of grip tape, including psychedelic tie-dye, for $19.99 for 9×33 inches.

Step 3: 100% of PitBull Skate Lab’s proceeds is given to Pit Bull rescue organizations

What is BoardPushers?

BoardPushers is a Colorado company that creates decks and grip tape for organizations such as PitBull Skate Lab. These organizations design the products, but the customers are still essentially buying from BoardPushers, with some of the proceeds going to the organization they bought through.

For example, PitBull Skate Lab:

Gehringer has designed the decks and grip tape, but does not buy them until you place an order. In this way, he does not have to front any money and can give 100% of the proceeds (after BoardPushers has taken out its cut) to Pit Bull rescue organizations.

The Future for PitBull Skate Lab

Gehringer is currently promoting his organization through local skate parks and word-of-mouth. He hopes to raise over $1,000 for a Pit Bull rescue organization.

He is considering creating PitBull Skate Lab T-shirts as well. If he was to create T-shirts, then he would need to use 5% of is proceeds to order them, rather than giving that straight to Pit Bull rescue organizations. Although, T-shirts may in the long run generate more donations because T-shirts are more likely to sell.

You can also find PitBull Skate Lab on Facebook.

*In my initial interview with Gehringer, I failed to ask exactly how much money is leftover after BoardPushers takes out its cut and exactly which Pit Bull rescue organization he gives his profits too. I have emailed him back and will have that information up soon.

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